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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE353 SEPT 17, 2012 TUTORIAL 1 Topics in tutorial This week intro and Aristotle foundation for the classifications Next primary source on lyell Week 4 cover Malthus and patey Week 5 Monday canceled week after Darwin Week 7 midterm review Week 8 social uses of evolutionary theory Week 9 is optional editing and writing Week 10 nov 14 no tutorial half week is fall reading break Week 11 mendelism Week 12 eugenics 1922 in England Aristotle - Own academy and alex great tutor - Putting science together - On key thing is logic, thinking of the natural world everything is connected, how heavenly body moves and how animals move how nature4 creates animals - Translated pop in medieval by Islamic scholar 10 and 11 Arabic trans made way to christen to latin and then in church and became authrotive documents – ideas fit with christiianity philo made sense so people reproduced it - Height in medieval translation in greek world - Arabic to latin, 12 and 13 find original translation. Another went back to Aristotle original of greek and back into latin - Which holds more truth Arabic trans or original greek work – lost in translation - Guy who trrans was Flemish William of moerbeke – Arabic to latin and finding original greek work and translated to latin - Books were a rare commodity - Arabic science and latin in Europe - Aristotle bio philosophy – only a quarter of his works – zoological working th - Many ideas adapted to 19 century - History of aniamals, on anima generatio, and on the parts of animals - Proper method for biological investigation - Unified way of approaching biological classifcition - Systematic and comprehensive way of study - 3 thing apply a method of organizing on pbservation and logical - Why some anaimsl similar and why different - Divided animals in living and non living - And living divided to animals and plants both rely on oxygen - And then animals in blood and bloodless - Then blooded into how they move either on land in air or swim in water, land air and water - And bloodless into softbodied and hard bodied - Classification system using logic - Not a full blown classification system what interested in is relationship between why certain animals grouped together why live together and birds fly and birds cant fly – relation to each other and envi - Make sense of natural world - Heirarchacal system between nature – everything could be ordered from higher to lower the great train of being – dominant idea – plants bottom and humans on top - Aristotle on teleogical system place and everything getting better, more complex and more better - Lasted till Darwin - Couldbt debunk it, no gap in species – every one is progressive and no new species arise never change never – make sense of how people believed – created number of species - Perspective of world advancing towards something, bottom of scale utl thing to become divine and humans at top already relationship to divine, middle ages – fixity of species, species immutable – exist already perfect place in logical division Lecture Optional reading – to simplified, may help you in book review to connect it to other things – all optional readings ones she likes, you can also paraphrase Medieval period - Incredible diversity of natural world and puzzle of adaptation, many things but formed works for specific content - Problem he concountered, made contribution to how should we study the world – historia – how the thing came to being - Resemblance and differences - Next step not the highest label of science which is casual - He thought provide teleogical explanation – explanation in terms of purpose – stomach is role - by analogy of hammer shape bc of its prupose - First Arabic then to lathn - Translation from 15 century - Medieval period most p
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