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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE 353 OCT 3, 2012 Science revises the heavens Video – darwins revolution Fit to rule is the title 9 am 4004 feb 6 Linneus discover pattern can get into gods head Things come in pairs male and female – plant sex organs – listed plants in number of stamen and pastel The great chain of being how one thing changes something else Buffon – no gaps Smith 1796 building canals and finding fossils in the rubble and new laye new fossils to consider – different animals alive different times Paris 1794 – natural hisotroy museum – cuvier on vertebrate Cuvier came up with fossil problem – thought how whole animal would look like with one bone – comparative anatomy – one was extinct but another answer 1808 – a flood oysters in water – catastrophes – take out monsters take out human race Hutton – enough time water make stone smooth – longer than biblical version 1826 buckland pupil lyell way geolgy happened did not change from past to present – mt etna – little hills cones volcanoes – only one cone came to existence since local records and at that rate
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