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14 Feb 2013

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Their trade roots helped -> military, expansion of trade. Held back threats from invasion on the north. Over 30 yrs. then stopped because shift in influences (needed to forces on western defense & politics bcd ppl didn"t like he was a tunic) Started to explained bcd could now live in places they couldn"t b4 bcd of cli- mate i. e. iceland. Then left because it got to cold. 1492 on - there is a new global connection. Sailed up river allowed for american exploration. Major innovation in canon, gun powder (china invented) Euro adopted this tech = euro had more acces to more metals. Iberian position in the end and information networks. Important for atlantic voyages bcd it was a military con- quest and spiritual endeavors. A port prince voyages to the canary islands. Wanted to win their worth by a battle and it was done by capturing the city. The ports have a hold in north africa.

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