Portable Renaissance Tutorial Readings - Brief Notes

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19 Dec 2011

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The ruins of rome poggio bracciolini (1430) Two men looking over the capitoline hill, looking at the ruins of rome. Fortune allowed rome to prosper and then, let it fall y doesn t matter what s done, when fortune makes you a victim, you will fall. Fortune, a woman; virtu (manliness), a man y virtue as in a self-made man y fortune = faith; virtue = free will? y gender concept at the heart of renaissance history and philosophy: man (virtue) vs. woman (fortune) On virtu and fortuna leon battista alberti (1434) Fortuna will act for you, only if your virtuous. Man themselves are the source of their fortune and misfortune. The glories of the latin language lorenzo valla (1430-1440) Latin: transcends boundaries; everyone talks the same way. Direct link to the past: as our ancestors (p131) y wants to connect themselves to the glorious past.

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