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HIS109Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Five Ws

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Kenneth Bartlett
Study Guide

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HIS109 Exam Tutorial 4/3/2013 11:14:00 AM
1. ID’s (30%)
- Definitions and significance
- Choice, given 12 and you answer 6
- If Person, who he is, what did they do, why are they important/their
SIGNIFICANCE, why does their study impact the study of western civ., no
specific dates (centuries), where did they live (Germany, England)
- Wiemar Republic 5 W’s
- Treaty of Westphalia 5 W’s, disucess major concepts within the concept
itself, for example for the TOW you would disucess the Thirty Year’s War
- MENTION SOME ROUGH ABOUT THE DATES, like what centuries or 0000’s
2. Essay (2 essay’s, each worth 35%, choose 1/3 in first section or
1/3 in the last section)
- Answering all of the years studied, think of separate eras/topic (Refer to
syllabus to see the main, overarching concepts)
- Place primary documents under these ideas/concepts which you could use
as evidence in your essay (Come up with short statement/summary about
what the document is about) 3-5 PRIMARY SOURCES, just overall jist, no
quotations or anything, just a simple summary type thing with analysis
- Transition into Renaissance into Middle Ages
- Enlightenment
- 19th century irrationalism
- Congress of Vienna (success/failure)
- French Revolution (strengthening/weakening of working class)
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