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HIS 337 1 1 ClassWhat is a class self identificationcommunity id whats valuable in this society why land has status and the rights that come with it how does owning land compete with other types of wealth look at different types of land ownership from rich to poorAristocracy ranks 15 had titles right to sit in house of lords and right to trial by peerGentryLesser Nobility 69 rank 7 Knight is an honour and not inheritedthese are harder to classify have land and therefore an income so dont need to work for a livingduties ie political people of the nation leaders of their communities hard to classify because where does it end and the middling sort begin you dont need to own LOTS of land countygentry can be as rich as the aristocracy but have no title or rights lesserparish gentry influence limited to village where they live highest position to hope for is Justice of the Peace like police received no money could lead to corruption not loyal if not being paid a lot of statutes were permissive rather than binding the King couldnt force the JPs to obey therefore they were often only partially implemented locally not an MPThe aristocracy and gentry together own the most land and employ the most people economy is 85 agriculture these people are powerful politically and economically become PMs have civil service positions are judges professors lawyers higher clergyall public offices have property qualifications so does voting only want respectable citizens to have power only 1720 of the population votes males need 10 pounds of real estate to sit on a jury lowest and 600 pounds to be a county MPstrict settlement primogenitureeldest male inherits allyounger sons go into military often as century progresses they also go into professions like law some trade and higher church offices which therefore became gentrified needed a university degree for law and church the govt wasnt a big employer until 1715 bc British state was small and propertied gentry would do the jobs for freewhile younger sons worked daughters were sent to be married upper class daughters did NOT workEntail no daughters can inheritDerogation if you are a noble must stay connected to this to remain a noble These older distinctions are breaking down as wealth goes up birth means less There become other ways to make money other than land education becomes a status symbol accent important often taught in boarding school there was a trend of downward social mobility as younger sons need to work and younger daughters needed to marry many moved to the city off their land and never returned these become part of the upper middle class or middle middle classupper middle class big businesssenior rank of jobmiddle middle class lawyers doctors foot soldierslower middle class manual labourth the middle class was growing over the 18 c due to eco diversification and expansion also because the urban gentry shade into the upper middle classthth by the 19 c the English middle classes refused to have anything to do with trade but in the 18 c have companies like the EIC where nobles would send sons for apprenticeships apprentice lives with master is fed learns on the job usually around 7 yearsjourneyman who seeks employment elsewhere for 13 years needs letters of reference from others to become a master a
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