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University of Toronto St. George
Gommerman& Philpott

UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Faculty of Arts and Science Midterm Exam, Spring 2013 IMM250H1S Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Duration - 2 hours No aids allowed. Please use pencil. After completing this exam, you may NOT take the exam paper with you. This test consists of a total of 30 multiple choice questions, and is worth 30% of the final course grade BE SURE TO COMPLETE YOUR NAME ,STUDENT NUMBER ,AND BOOKLET CODE ON THE SCANTRON SHEET Dr. Philpott 1. Defensins are A. Fatty acids B. Secreted by epithelial cell in the gut C. Proteins found on the membrane of phagocytes D. Enzymes that can cleave peptidoglycan E. A type of cytokine Ans. B 2. Which of the following proteins is not directly bactericidal A. ROS B. Lysozyme C. Antimicrobial peptides D. Lactoferrin E. Complement membrane attack complex Ans. D 3. Which of the following statements concerning the normal microbiota is NOT true A. Also includes protozoa and fungi B. Its composition in the gut is not influenced by diet C. Its composition can be influenced by the use of prebiotics D. Contributes to fortify the host immune system E. When displaced can cause disease Ans. B 4. Which of the following statements concerning the association between obesity and microbiota is untrue or unproven A. Normal mice that are given commensal flora from genetically obese mice become obese B. A higher number of bacteria is found in obese mice leading to increased carbohydrate metabolism C. A different microbiome (different species of bacteria) is found in obese mice compared to normal mice D. Gut flora in obese mice extract more energy from food E. Fecal transplants are considered a potential treatment for obesity Ans. B 5. Virulence factors of Salmonella thyphimurium include A. Flagella B. Injection of effector cells that interfere with intracellular host cell proteins C. An external capsule that allows to escape phagocytosis D. All of the above E. Only A and B of the above Ans. E 6. Which of the following statements concerned with Shigella flexneri is incorrect A. Use epithelial M cells as portal of entry B. Are extracellular bacteria causing damage by releasing toxins in the gut lumen C. Can replicate in the host cell cytoplasm D. Are the causal agent of bacillary dysentery E. Following cell invasion acquire actin-based motility Ans. B 7. Gram negative bacteria A. Do not possess peptidoglycan in their cell wall B. Possess a thick peptidoglycan layer in their cell wall C. Easily decolorize when treated with ethanol after crystal violet staining D. Are not recognized by NOD receptors E. Are mainly recognized by TLR3 Ans. C 8. DAMPs are released in response to A. Uric acid B. Asbestos C. -amyloid D. Alum (present in vaccine adjuvants) E. All of the above Ans. E 9. An example of a soluble PRR found in the blood is A. Mannose-binding Lectin (MBL) B. CD14 C. NOD1 D. NOD2 E. RIG-I Ans. A 10. In 2011 Bruce Beutler shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine with Jules Hoffman for A. Cloning Toll in Drosophila. This opened the way to a new appreciation of innate immunity B. Discovering that in Drosophila Toll acts both as a protein regulating the insect’s embryo development and as a PRR C. His discovery of the first human Toll-like receptor D. Discovering that TLR4 is the receptor of LPS E. His discovery of a strain of mice resistant to endotoxic shock Ans. D 11. A TLR that recognizes dsRNA is A. TLR1 B. TLR2 C. TLR3 D. TLR4 E. TLR5 Ans. C 12. NFB is A. Able to induce the transcription of Defensins B. Found in the nucleus of cells activated through NOD1 C. Able to induce transcription of TNF- D. A, B and C are all correct E. Only B and C are correct Ans. D 13. PRRs able to induce production of Interferons include A. TLR3 B. All TLRs C. RIG-I D. NLRP3 E. Both T
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