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INI100H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Terrestrial Planet, Blast Shelter, Battlement

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Norman Snider
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Eric MacStravick
Eric MacStravick
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A drifting view of our universe from an extreme distance.
Since mankind first gazed into the vast emptiness of space,
we have wondered if we were alone in the dark.
If only we were.
Our first journeys into the depths the void went without
incident and so we grew bold, believing ourself to be the
masters of this new frontier.
In our ignorance we were ill-prepared for what found us.
In a heartbeat, mankind’s destiny was changed forever.
We are not alone in the night.
Simultaneous imagery: Camera begins motion focusing in on our galaxy
slowly gathering speed in it’s zoom as it eventually picks out a single
star and zooms past the massive sun to a a world alive with vibrant
blues and greens and massive weather systems in its atmosphere.
The zoom continues down through the cloud cover of the planet, to
show what appear to be cities, but as the view moves closer it is appar-
ent these are not human cities. They are massive hive like structures at
the heart of endless jungle. The construction and architecture of these
cities suggest a mastery of technology fused with the aesthetics of a tri-
bal culture. Vines hang between flashing radio towers and everywhere
there are dim red lights with tunnel entrances into a fusion of rock and
metal superstructure.
The view passes down to street level where it stops, showing us the
back of a creature that is a hybrid of velociraptor, komodo dragon and
man. The creature has strange armour and feathers adorning it, but the
armour is covered in small status lights and clearly advanced. As the
view moves slowly towards the creature on the dark and foetid streets
of this alien planet, the creature whirls around baring its teeth and
lunges at the camera with a sudden and unnatural violence. The view
zooms into to it’s frighteningly reptilian eye.
We awoke from our dream of peaceful exploration

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

and prepared to enact mankind’s oldest tradition... war.
This was to be a war of survival, with nothing less
than the continuation of our species at stake.
Simultaneous imagery: An extreme close-up of a human eye jolting
open and the pupil dilating rapidly. The view zooms out as a red light
begins blinking, colouring the unshaven face of a middle-aged man with
a military haircut and a long scar on one cheek. The man has just
awoken from his nightmare and quickly scrambles out of bed. The
bunker is a frontline bunker and clearly a location that is lived in and
fought from. A radio station is set up in one corner, along with weapon
racks on the wall and a few tactical displays. The bunker is not dirty but
it gives the impression of a place of function, and lacks ostentation.
The man is already wearing a suit of oil smudged armour plating that
covers a good portion of his body. He looks across the bunker, where
another two men in similar armour have just sat up on their own cots.
They exchange looks of unsure surprise and concern. The door bursts
open and another trooper in a full set of armour, with helmet and tinted
visor stands panting at the door, holding some kind of energy rifle.
They’re coming.
Stand to. Enemy contact, ThreatCON Delta, stand to.
All the strength and knowledge of man
was turned to one single purpose.
Earning the right to exist in a galaxy far older than us.
A galaxy full of sentient life, and all of it hostile.
The three men in the bunker spring into action donning equipment and
gathering weapons. As they make for the door, the view follows the
trooper at the door as he runs down a long concrete tunnel bathed in
flashing red light. The tunnel is dark and damp with piping running
along the ceiling and walls. He runs up a ramp that is joined by other
tunnels and other soldiers running towards a large metal door. They all
are wearing helmets, with dark visors that cover their eyes. A Sergeant
is standing in the main tunnel, yelling at the passing troops.
Fleet has confirmed! Multiple contacts inbound!
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