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1 Answers to exercises Chapter 51 Sentence types a Why is anyone interested Interrogative the subject anyone follows the verb is It is a whinterrogative with a whword at the frontb Is that love in your eyes or just obsession Interrogative the subject that follows the verb is This is a yesno interrogativec Cmon tax me out of here Imperative there is no subject there in the sentence but it is understood to be youd Try to get a look on your face that hints you might whip out a wad of cash at any moment for the right price Imperative again there is no subject but it is interpreted as youe Oh Lord wont you buy me a Mercedes Benz Interrogative the subject you follows the verb wont It is slightly unusual because it starts with Oh Lord but what follows that is an interrogative clausef God damn it kidjust put the kayak under my arm and roll me off the grandstand The first clause is an example of an imprecative an unusual subtype of imperatives that we discuss in Section 54 in the book The second clause is a standard imperative with the subject missing but we would all understand it as you just put a kayak under my arm g Lets keep these people permanently where they belong This is an example of what we called the first person imperative or the imperative particle It has the structure of an imperative in that the subject is missing but this time it would be interpreted as a first person subject not the second person you This shows in the tag that would be used If you added a tag question to this clause it would be shall we and not will you as it would have been with fh Youve seen that This is structurally a declarative the order is subject followed by verbi Who needs movies when Arsenal is enjoying such a wicked season Interrogative in particular a whinterrogativej Rollins does hate women far more than he hates everyone else This is a straightforward declarative the only unusual thing is that it contains an emphatic does
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