LAT201 - Livy II

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Michel Cottier

Latin TranslationLivy p174 176And now having prepared enough of everything for crossing all the enemies knights and infantry possessing the bank on the other side terrorized themSo that he might draw them the knights and the infantries off he ordered Hanno with a part of his forces mostly Spanish to go on the first watch of the night a days march upstream and after crossing the river where he as hidden as possible first might be able to lead around a column so that he can attack the enemies from behindAppointed for this purpose the Gallic guides told them that from there nearly fiveandtwenty miles upstream the river flowing around a small island afforded a crossing because of its shallower channelThere timber was hastily cut down making rafts in which the knights and the infantries and other burdens might be crossed overThe Spaniards without any trouble swam across the river And the rest of the army crossing on the rafts which they made having a fortified position near the river tired by the night march and the toil of the raftbuilding with one days rest was restored the general being intent on carrying out at the right time the plan Making progress on the next day they indicate by a smoke signal from a high place that they have crossed and were not far away so
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