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Anthony Lam

Code L725Department of Mathematicsof TorontoLJniversity MAT 135YTermTest ffLThursday November 11 2010Time allowed 90 minutesin BALLPOINT PENPlease PRINT INK or Please PRINT full name surnameand UNDERLINE NAME OF STUDENTSTUDENT NOSIGNATURE OF STUDENTin PENINK or BALLPOINT e TUTORIAL M4A R5D etcCODE S T4 F3 etcTUTORIAL TIME R5 NAME YOUR TAOF NOTEFOR MARKERS ONLYyou MARK1 Before start check that this testQUESTIONpages pageshas 12 There are NO blank PAFUT A150parts2 This test has two questionsPART 10 A marks multiple choice B150 l7questionsPART B marks 7 written 50 B2lBAnswers to both PART A and PART B aregiven to be in this booklet computerNo B3l8will cards be usedB4No 3 aids allowedcNo calculatorslB5tDO NOT TEAR ANY OUT PAGESB6l7B7l8TOTALln0Page 1 12of Code L725PART A marks50 Please read carefullvquestions PART A consists 10 of multiplechoice each which of has exactlv one correct arsweryour question Indicate arrswer to each by completely filling in the appropriate circle with apencildark MARKING SCHEME marks for 5 a correct answer for 0 no answer or a wrong answer You ale notjustify your required to arurrers in PARjT A Note your that for PART A only asfinal answers you indicated by the circles your darken countl computations and answers indicatedelsewhere will NOT countDO NOT TEAR OUT ANY PAGES3r 41 Find the value of lmrzn4fr22r81toO634to3undefined2 Findthevalueof m ffitI5aD1e23o2undefinedPage 2 of72
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