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MAT223 Term Test 1 Exam Breakdown and Analysis

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Exam Analysis: MAT223 Linear Algebra, Midterm 1 1) TEST BREAK DOWN: The material covered for midterm 1 can be break down into 4 different topics: 1) Row Reduced Echelon Form (RREF) and solving linear system of equations 2) Elementary matrices 3) Vector space and subspace 4) Span and linear independence. The test is usually 90 minutes, and worth 55 marks. There are usually 50 marks worth of computation questions with a 5 marks worth of proof questions at the end. This midterm, just as most of other midterms and finals in this course, is very computational in nature. Hence, the ability to quickly and correctly perform the fixed steps in solving different types of problem is essential to doing well in this midterm. Furthermore, this course has been coordinated by Prof. Uppal for many consecutive years and has adopted a very rigid test structure and question types, making recent midterms (such as those analyzed below) extremely similar to each other and future midterms. One immediate consequences of this structure is such that one can pull off a high grade by focusing on the steps involved in performing various computation and not necessary focus on the conceptual idea (i.e. the ability to answer proof questions). Nonetheless, one should not disregard learning concepts as that helps you to understand and better perform computations as well as the last proof question. To master this midterm, understanding how to solve a linear system of equation and reduce matrix to RREF is crucial because 1) this topic constitutes the most marks (usually 1 and 2 nd question) and 2) it is the ba
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