MIE350H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Business Process Model And Notation, Unit Testing, Industrial Engineering

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Lab instruction: before you start the lab, make sure you signed the attendance sheet, when you finish the two exercises in this lab, present your work to the ta to get a mark. In the following exercises, you will create (and unit test) forms and services tasks (including database access) within an existing bpmn diagram. Create a service task that uses complex types (sec 3. 2) Create a service task that queries a database (sec 3. 3) Test multiple process executions using parameterized unit tests (sec 3. 4) Package edu. toronto. dbservice. config contains connection parameters to the database. Package edu. toronto. dbservice. exceptions contains exceptions to help manage the jdbc connection. Package edu. toronto. dbservice. types contains java classes that represent complex objects in the business process. Package mie. contains the java service classes that are used by service tasks in the business process. diagrams contains bpmn diagrams src/test/java contains the java unit test classes that are used to test the unit tests. Contains datasource contains ddl file for sql database.