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University of Toronto St. George
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
William Navarre

Secretion Important for how cell organizes cell both eukaryotic and prokaryoticProblem Lipid bilayer highly impermeable to anything big glucose anything bigger than glucose proteins are synthesized inside cell Proteins must leave celllike cholera toxin a protein Secondo Cellribosome is syntheisizing many proteins in cytoplasm whose functions are in the cytoplasmo How does cells selectively secrete proteins Keeping those that function in the cytoplasm in the cytoplasm o How do membrane proteins inserted into proteins o How are gramnegative bacteria get proteins across two membranes and then the mmembrane of eukaryotic cell theyre attacking Many types of secretion systems Specific for cargoAll require energywhich are from different sources Chaperone proteinsmosto Bind to cargo proteinsdo not let fold up into globular shape keep into secretion competent linear shape Homologuesapparatus that pumps proteins out of cell have phage tail and have homology to Flagella also look like type 3 secretion systemsevolved for one purpose then adopted for another purpose in evolutionSec secretion system Present in eukaryotic cells archaea bacteria Cargo recognized by specific sequence Protein to be secreted carries some sort of targeting signalo That the secretion system will recognizeo Nterminal sequenceSec system allows for proteins to be secreted across cytoplasmic membrane Different pathways for proteins that go across and proteins that into membrane35 positively charged residues called N domainHydrophobic domainnumber of residuesC domain smallgenerally polar
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