NMC277H1 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Hulagu Khan, Qutuz, Genghis Khan

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Lecture 7 study terms
Later Ayyubids
Family appanage confederation
Al-‘Adil (r. 1201-1218)
-an ayyubid sultan of Egypt and Syria
-provided crucial military and civilian support for the great campaigns of his brother Saladin
-sultan of Egypt during the 5th Crusade
Civil war after death of Saladin
Sunni Revival
Sufi khanqa
Fifth Crusade (1217-1221)
Pope Innocent III and Pope Honorius III
Al-Mu’azzam ‘Isa
1218 attack on Damietta
Al-Kamil (r. 1218-1238)
Sixth Crusade 1228-1229 (Crusade of Frederick II)
Frederick II
Jerusalem ceded to Frederick II
Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif/al-Aqsa Mosque kept in Muslim hands
Al-Salih Ayyub (1238-1249)
al-Nasir Dawud
Mamluks (1250-1517)
Kipchak Turks
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