NMC277H1 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Ibn Jubayr, Ghaznavids, Khutbah

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Lecture 8 key terms
Mu'tazilism/Rationalism – an islami school of thought based on reasonal and rational thought. Flourished in the
cities of Basra and Baghdad – deny Quran as uncreated and co-eternal with God. Concepts of divine justice and
divine unity
al-Ma'mun – supported Mutazilism as a condition of official service
tawhid (unity of God) – believed in Absolute unity of God
Ahmad ibn Hanbal (780-855)
Isma'ili Shi'ism – Persian Hasan I sabah organized it. Captured fortress of Alamut – centre of their movement – the
new preaching – Al Dawa al jadida //
Sufism – Sufi (the one who wears wool)//
khanqah – sufi convents – founded for the benefit of Sufi Devotees
Sunni ecumenism (Jama'i Sunnism)
Ghazali – ABU HAMID AL GHAZALI – sober Sufism path to spiritual fulfillment lay firmly within the boundaries
of normative legal and ritual practice. // spent part of his life teaching at a nizamiyya madrassa in Baghdad
Epistle of al-Qadir (al-Risalah al-Qadiriyya)
Ghadir Khumm
traditionalism (Salafiyya)
madrasa – Saladin’s time – for shafi scholars – Madrasa (church of st John near the gate of Tribes)
Nizam al-Mulk
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