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Robert Lewis

Integrationalism-response riots N eng 2001, 7/7 and to 9/11. Promote Britishness bind the nation together. core values.liberty, responsibility and fairness. Minorities assimilate. promoting a national identity. norm anti-Muslim political culture. Muslims singled-out integration debates.Held Muslims responsible for refusing to mix rather than looking at the institutional racism. Diff groups profiled diff times. Multicul, support muslim, shift in discourse. Burden ppl carry bc reli diff. (Kundnani,Arun, 2007) Indian Act1876 changes till 30s, Euro govern abor way of life. wards or children of State. No cntrl.Euro governance, hold land, cultural practices. removing political racism. The Canadian government, equivocated through European-Canadian narratives, performed a cultural genocide wherebys institutionalized Aboriginal peoples were coercively assimilated into dominant culture (Henry, Tator, Mattis, Reese 2000, p. 131).Indian status, intermarriage, measuring abor ethnicity in terms of blood degree; abor intermarry with non-indigenous people they are said to lower their indigenous. eg settler colonialism, aim to EliminateAbor mixing not take into acc personal identity based on cultural affiliation. Henry, Tator, Martis: Racism and Aboriginal Peoples. Heteronormativity The assumption that heterosexuality is natural, normal, and right is an especially far-reaching component of the sexual hierarchy, one with consequences well beyond discrimination against lesbians and gay men. (Susan Arche Mann p237 2012)inhibits bc sexual hierarchy culture.norm goes far beyond discrimination.heteron construction of gender roles, sexuality, and morality, power to lead males to adopt compulsive displays of masculinity, aggression&violence against females for fear of being labeled a “fag”. Settler Colonialism type of colon. the large # move to colonized land>the population. settler authority, govern, citizenship &knowledge. elimin existing pop> land and resources. Patrick Wolfe destroys & replace. Eg in North America, settlers must erase historical, moral, spiritual& political relation indigenous groups have to the land. Assimilate them-systematic stripping away of indigenous culture and replacing it with that of the dominant culture.Tuck, Eve & Gaztambide-Fernández, Rubén (2013) P 75 Neoliberalism political philosophy supports profits>needs, the priv of pub services, removal of trade barriers (Larkin, 2013). emphasize indiv responsibility rather than systematic inequities. (Mirchandani & Chan, 2008) Inhibits as it supports policies that sustain ‘What is Neoliberalism?’Sandra K. Soto.the law mobilizes neolib framework.US law, SB 1070, key neoliberal terms “personalwages. video responsibility”, “law abiding citizen”, and “strong family values”, in order to criminalize certain segments of the population: undocumented immigrants. SAPare policies by IMF & World Bank in developin countries as condits for new loans or for obtaining lower interest rates on existing loans (Larkin 2013). This inhibits equity, policies countries to reduce social spending. Consequently, basic human rights to shelter, food, health care, edu, healthy enviro& protection from violence, exploitation, and discrimination ignored. Eimear O’Neal “of free trade, 15 countries have benefitted from globalization, standards of living in 40% of countries drop” (1998, p. 5).1.John Sorenson race is social bc immi groups "whiter" over time strengthen their position within North America's racialized hierarchy (2003, 50). George Dei race instrument for power relations of domination, exploitation,&oppression (1996, 254). Race est superior stat of imperial state & group inferior ppl for contrl. Irish phy same Eng. 1600 Irish culture alien& threat. Uncivil linked w/Africans. 98% of all genetic variation is shared by diff groups.Stephen Gould challenge racist sci, misinterpret data bc start w/ assumptions.(Ashcroft, Bill, Griffiths, Gareth, & Tiffin, Helen, 2003) In 1914, the Komagata Maru Vancouver’s w coast 376 East Indian (British subjects). 2mon denied entry CAN return to Calcutta condits try escape (Brown Canada Showcase 2012). hypocritical concept of extolling the virtues country built on immi.exclud certain categories of immi based on race, religion& class discrim. George Dei d
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