NEW232Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Samatha, Ego Ideal, Functional Analysis

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11 Oct 2011

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It means that one needs to develop a strong ego before you can realize the empti ness of self. In order to accomplish this, one has to pass through a series of stages or level s of development-from lower to higher level. This model implies that buddhism is suitable only for persons with advanced pers onality development and that meditative practices are only for those with a cohe sive sense of self. This idea is part of engler"s developmental model which attempts to integrate bu ddhism and psychoanalysis. The ideal ego is an idealized image of the ego as solid, permanent and perfrect. It is based on the memory of infantile narticissm, when one existed in a symbiotic fusion with the mother and all one"s needs were immediately satisfied. The ego ideal embodies a state of becoming - it is the highest potential self that one yearns to become. It is also based on the memory of infantile perfection.

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