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Nutritional Science
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Samantha Kimball

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NFS382 Term Test 2 NotesOral Health the ability to chew speak smile etc without being limited by pathologyCaries are formed from acids produced by bacteria which utilize sugars in our mouthsFluoride prevents caries formationTopical fluoride is a bacteriacidal agent killing acidproducing bacteria and preventing acid release by altering the transcription of their DNAFluoride contributes to the formation of flurohydroxyapatite in enamel stronger than hydroxyapatiteFluoride stimulates and promotes the recruitment of Ca and P in enamel formationThe Fluoride controversyMany studies are not detailed subjective to interpretationThere is debate on whether or not Fluoride is considered a medicineoFluoride is not naturally part of our metabolic pathwayoFluoride is found in nature at similar concentrations to fluorination programs 1mgLoEthical implications in patient autonomy the right to decide whether or not there should be fluorinated waterToo much fluorine will cause flurosis but not enough will increase the prevalence of cariesDigestion and Absorption of iron from beefIron from beef is mostly in heme formHCl and proteases h
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