PHL271H1 Study Guide - Sexual Orientation, Intersectionality

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10 Apr 2011

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Exam format: 2 hours, 2 essays, one on equality and another on liberty. 15: in canada, if a claimant wants to make a claim they need to prove that they have differentiated from others, sexual orientation is considered an analogous ground, immutability, a problem with immutability is physical appearance. There is a personal cost to someone who wants to change their religion. One one hand, it has a great impact on our sense of self. She notes that actually all the categories we are talking about, are relational. They are de ned in relation to something else. The rst of these problems is that the choice of categories, of these grounds and not these ones re ect what is dominant and what is not. The problem is that the list of having been around for a while, begins to appear neutral and permanent. Race when listed a prohibited ground means not white sex means not male.

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