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PHY100H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cn Tower, Mass, Big Bang

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Vatche Deyirmenjian
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Part 3, Special and General Relativity
24) Does the Principle of Relativity require that every observer observe the same laws of physics? Explain.
Answer directly from 3rd Edition of the textbook:
No. According to the principle of relativity, only un-accelerated observers observe the same laws of physics.
25) Suppose you drop a ball while traveling on a train moving at constant speed along a straight track. How will the
ball fall? Can you measure the speed of the train from this experiment? Explain why or why not.
The ball falls straight downward with an acceleration of 9.8 m/s2 (usual acceleration due to gravity).
No, we cannot measure the speed of the train from this experiment as this experiment is carried out in a non-
accelerating reference frame and the person carried out the experiment is a non-accelerated observer.
26) Ryan is running straight toward you at high speed while shining a laser pointer at you. Suppose the laser appears
green in Ryan's rest frame. What color does it look to you? Suppose you measured the speed of the laser beam which
is approaching you. What would you find?
The laser looks to me also as green.
The speed of the laser beam will be 300,000 km/s, the speed of light.
27) Suppose you have a twin brother. What actions could he take if he wished to be younger than you?
He should go on a sufficiently long and fast trip, and then return, he will then be younger than me.
28) You and I are standing on the top deck of the CN tower. We synchronize our iPhones, which are each equipped
with super-accurate internal atomic clocks. Then you run down to the ground floor, very quickly, and then run
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