The Magic of Physics

University of Toronto St. George

This course provides a survey of Physics, including both Classical and Modern Physics. It is designed for non-scientists, and assumes no background in either science or mathematics. The approach to the course is broad rather than deep. We will concentrate on the concepts underlying such fascinating topics as planetary motion, chaos, the nature of light, time travel, black holes, matter waves, Schrodinger's cat, quarks, and climate change. We will uncover the wonders of the classical and the quantum worlds courtesy of Galileo, Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, Heisenberg and many others. (PHY100H1†is primarily intended as a Breadth Requirement course for students in the Humanities and Social Science)
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Sidhartha Goyal

PHY100H1 Syllabus for Sidhartha Goyal — Fall 2018

Sep 06
Administrative matters. Introduction. Intellectual structure of physics.
Demos: (1) superconductivity, (2) inclined planes, (3) BBC video
recreating Galileo’s thought experiment.
Tutorial: Questionnaire about background and help with HW1.
HW 1 out*
Sep 13
Conservation principle. Energy conservation. Angular momentum
conservation. Relation to symmetries.
Demos: (1) Angular momentum chair, and (2) irreversibility of time.
Tutorial: Discuss the scheme to derive gravitation potential as discussed
in the book, chapter 4.
HW 1 in** HW 2 out
Sep 20
Law of Gravitation. Historical account. Kepler’s laws. Scientific
Demos: Ball through the valley experiment.
Discuss HW 1 grades
Sep 27
Law of Gravitation. Newtons laws. Universality.
Demos: Monkey and the hunter
Tutorial: Quiz on topics covered in weeks 1-3. Discuss quiz questions in
more detail.
HW 2 in HW 3 out
Oct 4
Special relativity.
Discuss HW 2 grades
Oct 11
Electricity and Magnetism. Basics. Similarity and dissimilarity to
gravitation. Role in structure of matter.
Demos: Electrostatic charging using fabric and plastic rod, magnets,
iron filings, magnetic field around a current-carrying wire
HW 3 in HW 4 out
Oct 18
Electricity and Magnetism. Faraday’s law. Electromagnetism. Light as a
Demos: Eddy current copper tube, Coil & galvanometer, Jumping ring
Tutorial: Quiz on topics covered in weeks 4-6. Discuss quiz questions in
more detail.
Discuss HW 3 grades
Oct 25
Life of a theory: Light as an example. Ray optics and minimum time
principle. Particle nature. Quantum view of light.
Demo: Photoelectric effect, Double slit experiment, Waves in water
Nov 01
Matter. Stability and uncertainty. Double slit experiment with bullets
and electrons. Quantum interpretation (possible guest lecture).
Tutorial: Quiz on topics covered in weeks 7-8. Discuss quiz questions in
more detail.
HW 4 in HW 5 out
*All HWs are are posted by Thurs/Friday of the week mentioned to be “out”
** All HWs are due on the Friday of the week the are mentioned to be “in”
HW1: Essay on intellectual structure of physics
HW2: Based on introduction, conservation principle and special relativity.
HW3: Law of gravitation and laws of motion.
HW4: Electricity and Magnetism.
HW5: Matter and quantum mechanics.
Nov 15
Matter. Simple de Borglie’s atom and energy states. Light-matter
Demo: Mercury lamp & emission lines.
Discuss quiz questions in more detail.
Tutorial: Discuss HW 4 grades
Nov 22
Emergence. Magnetism. Formation of stars. Cellular function.
Demo: Bowl and small wooden balls, Rice and inclined planes.
HW 5 in
Nov 29
Review for final exam
Tutorial: Quiz on topics covered in weeks 9-11. Discuss quiz questions in
more detail.
Discuss HW5 grades.
Final review.

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