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study notes for lecture five: adrenal gland

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Doug Mac Kay

LECTURE FIVE: ADRENAL GLAND there is an inner layer = adrenal medulla, and an outer layer = adrenal cortex players epinephrine = catecholamines CRH = cortiotropin-releasing hormone ::acute stress response ::brain neurotransmitter ::rapid effect for preparing fight v. flight ::made from the adrenal gland cortisol = glucocorticoid ACTH = trophic hormone ::chronic stress hormone ::melanocortin family ::longer time to be released, but sustainedchronic effect ::all came from the same precursor gene (POMC gives ACTH and ::has the ability to regulate glucose levels upon splicing, can give multiple forms of the hormone) *adrenal medulla = modified sympathetic ganglia *adrenal cortex = steroid factory catecholamines glucocorticoids {cortisol} epinephrine mineralcorticoids {aldosterone} sex steroids {testosterone} adrenal gland is next to kidney + + *aldosterone mineralcorticoid = regulates mineral levels (Na K ) *testosterone = in females, goes to ovaries and because of the presence of aromatose, creates estrogen recall epinephrine = adrenaline fight v. flight response provides body with energy for an acute stress response different responses based on which receptors are activated recall: sex steroids = modified from cholesterol by enzymes in certain tissuescells ::testosterone movement to ovary + aromatase = estrogen *sex hormones are derived from steroids
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