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study notes for lecture seven: fluid and ion balance

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University of Toronto St. George
Doug Mac Kay

LECTURE SEVEN: FLUID AND ION BALANCE movement of sodium can indirectly affect water movement ::kidneys ::aldosterone ::vasopressin ::atrial natriuretic peptide filtration enhances Na+ reabsorption increases H O reabsorption decreases Na + 2 control urine concentration favours water retention direct effect on H 2, acting at kidney level decreases H O2 sodium affects osmolarity ((why is maintaining fluid balance important for normal cell function?)) *fluid balance is indirectly talking about ion balance fluid balance must be maintained in the extracellular compartment because the movement of water into and the exit of water out of the cell can have a direct effect cell size ion balance regulates fluid balance, maintaining homeostatic conditions body = ~55% water intracellular fluid = 23 extracellular fluid (interstitial fluid 75% + plasma 25%) = 13 balance of daily water intake and excretion intake + *metabolic production = output food, drink 0.3 Lday urine = 1.5 Lday (2.2 Lday) sweat, breath = 0.9 Lday feces = 0.1 Lday *many pathways produce water as by-products urine flows from nephrons of the renal cortex and medulla into the renal pelvis flow of blood to the kidney occurs via the renal artery at the kidneys, it first filters through the renal cortex then blood moves inward to the medulla from the medulla, waste is filtered as urine whatever is not filtered goes back to the bodyrenal system via the vein
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