POL101Y1 Final: Making Sense of the Rise of China EXAM note PART 1

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Exam will be focused on todays lecture and next lecture, Making sense of the rise of china: international relations theory and. Uncertain realities: for example cold war, something political science did not predict in the last century, our theories tend to be predictive, International relation theory - state or country behaviour, why do they behave like that. The nationalist, pro-democratic republics flew to taiwan, in the cold war contects, the world didn"t recogrnize communist china, but instead it recognized the nationalist republican of. As it happenz, china begins to create diplomatic relation with us. And it becomes tied with united states, and normalizes with canada, taiwan is no longer a government. Taiwan loses its sovereighty, it is no longer a recognized nation. Which coins taiwan as a province of china. Taiwan is democracy, it has its own election, it has its own taxes, its own government, it functions as a state, but legally is not.

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