POL101Y1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Collective Action, Anthony Marx, Civil Liberties

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3 Feb 2016

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Thin or thick democracy thin- political participation you may all vote but only for me, only about the vote thick- should be meaningfully, should be able to participate meaningfully. Value neutral or not (kaplan and sven) kaplan= value neutral and sven= universal value. Participation of all people in electoral process. Executive: enforces law, not going to dispute if someone break it, sets or starts laws. Legislation: introduce laws, vote on things put forward by executive. Head of state: queen in canada and in us it"s the president. House of representatives and senate, and congress. Punctuated equilibrium: how you shift these systems, what"s relative stability. Collective action problem its rational for us not to act collectively. What allows us to overcome the collective action problem. Free rider can"t be excluded from common good. Incentives: selective benefits (only available to certain people, like people who participate), shaming, social rewards- being a great citizen (shozcemen, lemen, and nye), legislation.

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