POL101Y1 : Global Governance

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21 Apr 2011

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Global governance: promise and challenges interdependence positive sum functionalism rules and norms final exam: will cover the whole course. greater emphasis on later half. paper: hard copy in lecture. and upload to turnitin march 21. In many ways a new concept. tend to focus on gov"t. when talking about international relations talk about relations on the state gov"ts. Now tend to focus on governance, understood as a process of governing. Brief overview what it entails and the challenges and what is going wrong and a critical eye. One way to think about it is to contemplate it against the realist international theory. Realism is a theory of international relations where the international system is assumed to be anarchic. League of nations and collective security. key actor is the nation state. neoliberal institutionalism. International organization and regimes states behave according to their national self interest. Game of international relations is zero sum power.

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