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Political Science
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Clifford Orwin

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1The philosophers have only interpreted the worldthe point however is to change itMarx Eleventh Thesis on FeuerbachHow adequate is Marxs characterization of the philosophers to PlatoTo Machiavelli Hobbes or LockeDiscuss Plato and any ONE of these three modern thinkersMarx is a man with a much more concrete and one track vision of how society should work right down to whos role is what in society and how it should function Marx sees the philosophers as idealists who all their own vision of utopia without doing anything to implement it In this essay we will look at two such philosophers Plato and Machiavelli and determine if Marxs thesis to be accurate Plato is the one of the earliest philosophers but arguably one of the if not the most influential philosopher in history Plato was a man who believed in the greater good much like Marx Plato was believed in close community cooperation for the greater good of society Everyone had a part in society and everyone contributed to in order for it to function just like Marx Plato is different from Marx simply because believes there could be cooperation between the upper and lower classes of society compared to Marx who believes in revolution from the lower classes toovertake all the infrastructure and goods in society In essence Marx believes Plato is a man of talk and not actionJustice is a strong point with Marx and Plato Plato believes that justice is a necessary evil thast benefits those who are in for the greater good of society not those who wish to harm it It grew out of in justice which was simply man do what was best for ones self Marx believes justice is little more than Bourgeois window dressing in order for the top class to expose and abuse the poor What most workers produce they will never own and the rich can always manipulate the system therefore justice is for the benefit of the bourgeois Machiavelli also has his similarities and differences with Marx as well is similarities In fact Marx is wrong to say all philosophers were simply talkers as Machiavelli as shown in his book was clearly a man of action Machiavelli believe in three ways to take power VirtueCrime and fortune Those that take by virtue hold on easily while those that take by fortune struggle to maintain their power Unlike Marx this is applicable to anyone rather than just the lower classes
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