POL214Y1 Study Guide - Oka Crisis, Noblesse Oblige, Rational Basis Review

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16 Apr 2013

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January 7th 2013, lecture one, semester two canadian political culture. A political culture consists of the characteristics and values, beliefs and behaviors of the society, in regard to politics. The society"s political culture defines what is political for that society. The things that government wouldn"t do without even a debate. More specifically there are ideologies and within that policy promises. Politicians couch their language and rhetoric within the confines of political culture. There are things american politicians will say that canada"s never will. The values we inherited from britain, which we share with other english speaking democracies. The values set out by crf, socialism aka social democracy. English canada vs. quebec, regional differences (east vs. west/ prairies v bc), there are also differences within provinces. The british societies were settled by immigrants who brought small l liberalism with them and as a result these societies are fundamentally similar. Right for accused to face there accuser in open court.

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