Postwar Reconstruction – Growing the Global Economy Notes for second term final

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

February 14 2011 Postwar ReconstructionGrowing the Global Economy Paper o Last four weeksgrowth and development giving us various perspectives to how countries growvalues ethics human effort public policy politics in general o Asked to compare instead of argue describe these contending perspectives values and policy o Can talk about similarities and dissimilarities unites of analysis individuals versus systems etc Asias Rise o Government interventionCreated strategic policies in order to create advantages in the market o Infant industry protectionHow is America going to grow its industry to become competitive You have to protect your infant industriesPut a tax on foreign goods to stop people from buying it and buying yours instead Korea put a tax on foreign cars so people would buy cars built by Koreans o Picking and making market winnersThey picked sectors that they thought they could do well with that would suit the market economy So Korea picked things like electronics o American patronageHelping out nations is important to your own nations economies o Developmental state o Export oriented growthCould only grow so much to your domestic markets need to export to grow furtherThese economies were plugged into the global economySold more than they bought essentially benefited from thisOutlier or Model o Market regardingsmithSelling things that the consumers wanted o MercantilistList and HamiltonGovernment intervention etc o Dependent developmentLenin and WallersteinThese were peripheral countries they depended on the core countriesThey depended on foreign trade markets etcGlobal Economic GrowthPrewar Interwar and Postwar o Average GDP annual before wars 25 o During wars 10 o After wars 42 o 19601970 53 o World warsmajor turning point
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