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Collection of all lecture notes. except the following dates: Sep 28. Oct 05. Oct 19. Nov 16.

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Political Science
La Haine

Tuesday September 14, 2010 N Introduction 1. Decision to drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 2. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War 3. 911 www.notesolution.comTuesday September 21, 2010 N Globalization - Positives vs. Negatives: - Travel > airplanes making it easier to travel worldwide - Easy travel = massive immigration patterns (good or bad?) - Television: allows for mass media to cover all international stories - Instant news = instant ability to obtain aid for international crisis - Mobile phones > changes process of business - Internet > ease of access - Financial Activities> transaction of money globally - Assets spread worldwideinterconnected - Crash of the US housing bubble = massive impact worldwide - Collapse of one bank, leads to collapse of entire banking system = banking economy collapses - Global branchingbranding: - McDonalds - Car Corporations> GM J American? - (Majority of its production is made outside of the states) Why Globalization has become so important today: 1. Last 20 years, we have seen the liberalization of markets, rise of free markets 2. Living in a post cold war world, fall of the Berlin wall and end of USSR. 3. The success of countries which chose to be open, led to imitation by other nations - Globalization can be defined as a historical process involving a fundamental shift or transformation in the scale of social organization - End of 19 cent. Beginning of ww1 = first phase of Globalization - Process of globalization is not automatic > can be reversed - The Grand Illusion > world is so globalized that war does not make sense anymore (written in 1910) - What is the impact of Globalization on international politics? - 1. Minimalist opinion says the essence of int. Politics remains the same - Still living in a world where states are the main and most important units and actors - State has more power than any corporation - Globalization is not truly global > only includes small portion of the world (77% of int. Users belongs to industrialized nations) - 2. Maximums: Globalization is on the edge of changing the fundamentals of politics - The state has lost its capacity to regulate - Look at the state of Iceland > its fall in to bankruptcy -
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