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Maninder Panach ENV100 –Assignment #1 The high number of deaths occurring among the St. Lawrence Beluga whales is due to heavy noise surrounding the estuary. The area around the St. Lawrence Estuary is likely to have unnatural sounds arriving from human causes. The Campaign Whale is a non-profit organization devoted to protecting whales along with other marine animals.According to the campaign, whales suffer from noise created by human activity. Beluga whales including various other underwater creatures depend on sound underwater; they use it for communication, social bonding, foraging, feeding and navigation (Campaign Whale, 2012). Beluga whale is an example of an open system. The specie is able to receive inputs of matter and energy and produce outputs of them also. Human generated sounds which occur nearby the St. Lawrence estuary or even in the body of water, poses as a barrier to beluga whales. As a result they are unable to efficiently communicate and possibly pursue food. Maritime traffic creating underwater sounds from ships is a potential source as to where the sound is arriving from. There is a chance of other possi
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