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International Law and Norms + Midterm outline

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Political Science
John Haines

International Law and Norms 1. Midterm exam focused on readings and lectures, stressed readings 2. Everything on part 3 on the syllabus Jan 11th - Feb 8th Structure of the lecture 3. Address the paradox of international law 4. The historical roots of international law 5. The different levels 6. Review the role of norms, there dynamics and political change 7. The paradox 8. For most realist scholars of international relations, anarchy, the lack of international government remains the key feature of international life 9. State seems to take international law as they deem fit. They have a commitment to an obligation but they can easily change that commitment, however, international scene today is much more regulated then international scholars think. 10. International law is best understood as a core international institutions as a set of rules, norms and practices created by state to achieve common goals and these goals deal with issues such as international justice, order and human rights 11. The overall objective of international law is to achieve some sort of order among states. 12. To achieve a minimum order, they have created international institutions. International institutions can exist
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