Both lectures on Political Culture + potential exam question

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Victoria Wohl

Ideology and Political Culture Lecture 1 Questions for Exam- Equality of life Canadians have. Socio economic settings of Canadians Quality of Life for Canadians? Equality and income 1. What is ideology 2. Left + Right 3. Conservatism Liberalism Socialism Contemporary + Classical 4. The dominant ideology is Democratic capitalism in Canada or Liberalism 5. In 1795 a French group called the ideologists formed and they were committed to studying ideologists. They were rationalists, supported the revolution, liberals who saw freedom of thought and expression as the main contributions of the French revolution. Using reason is the best guarantee of thinking and order. 6. A body of ideas that reflects the social needs, aspirations and hopes of a specific group or peoples. It expresses the most fundamental ideas about the nature of the individual, the nature of society and the nature of the relationship betw
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