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Political Science
Jody Boyer/ Tom Malleson

Midterm Study Guide October 18 50 minutes For the midterm you will be asked to identify and state of the significance of six out of seven possible terms. For each term you need to do two things: (i) identify the author AND the text that the term is related to (some of the terms may not have a relevant author). (ii) State the significance of the term. For quotations you do not need to know dates or page numbers. You should write one sentence on the identification and at least 3- 4 sentences on the significance. Every term on the test will be drawn from the following list of terms from our lectures. This is a closed book test. Write all your answers in the exam booklet. Each question is worth five points. The whole exam is out of a total of 30 points. ⁃ Swaraj ⁃ Peaceable Kingdom ⁃ Arjuna ⁃ Sermon on the Mount ⁃ Swadeshi ⁃ Civil Disobedience ⁃ Satyagraha ⁃ J. Robert Oppenheimer ⁃ “No Government” Men ⁃ The Net of Faith ⁃ khadi/charkha ⁃ Holy Fool ⁃ Quakers ⁃ John Brown ⁃ William L. Garrison ⁃ Transcendentalism ⁃ The means may be likened to a seed, the end t
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