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Political Science
Roberta Rice

Latin American Exam Review Terms significance and backgroundEx Short answer ndAccording to Wikham Crowleys work on 2 generation revolutions in Latin America what are the necessary and sufficient conditions to produce revolutionary outcomes Do you agree with his assessment nd 2 points definingdescribing 2 gen revolution2 points for each condition point and explain why its important for the 36pts2 points for do you agree And why Preconquest Societyo Mayan inka o How did a few Spanish take over Weapons disease technologyColonial society o Social relationships born in colonial period Whites born in Spain vs white born in new world Creoles vs o Race relations Mestizo and mullatos how important is race to determining social status and rankingo Colonial institutionsrigid and medieval Spain and Portugal o Land reflects power Disguised forms of slaveryDrive to independen
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