PSL201Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Thyroglobulin

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8 Mar 2011

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*growth {takes place during development} is different from remodelling {takes place constantly} Osteoblasts differentiate at the site of growth plate to start. S chondrocytes are collagen producing cells of cartilage. S ossification is activated by osteoblast differentiation ossification. diet (malnutrition leads to a reduction of growth) ::growth hormone, thyroid hormone, insulin {are needed to activate endocrine system and stimulate growth} growth hormone stimulates bone growth via direct and indirect binding. bind to liver and trigger the release of igf-1 {made from the liver} growth hormone stimulates bone remodelling via direct and indirect binding of igf-1. first: recruitment of osteoclasts to site for matrix resorption/bone engulfment to create cavities. next: recruitment of osteoblasts to proliferate and replace bone matrix {chewed up by osteoclasts} \gh and igf-1 can directly recruit osteoblasts for bone replacement. recruits chondrocytes to the site of gh binding. peptide hormone single chain polypeptide (~190 aas)

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