PSY202H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Rupert Gethin, Arvind Sharma, Harold Coward

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13 Mar 2014

Document Summary

This scholarly article is written by mitchel clasquin, an assistant professor at the. University of south africa whose expertise is in religious studies. This article analyses the history of buddhist scriptures and narrows down to the significance of the pali canon. In addition, clasquin also covers the history of the pali canon (also known as tipitaka) and explains why the pali canon scripture was written in the pali language. In this text, clasquin also covers the main divisions in buddhism, which are theravada and mahayana. This article was useful for my research essay because it provides all the information about the pali canon and gives a general overview of the theravada tradition. However, this article may not be useful if it was used to study buddhism in general because it focuses more on the theravda school and the pali canon scripture.

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