PSY230H1 Midterm: Study guide for Term Test 3

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15 Jan 2011
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PSY230H1 Full Course Notes
PSY230H1 Full Course Notes
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4: criticism: ignored t he full range of hu man personality to do justice to the. Industrial organizational psych, m anage ment psych etc (workplace) hu man intellect = being too intellectual, fail to deal hu man e mo tions: praised: model of uniqueness vs. universalit y, forerunner of modern social. Carol dweck: performance goals (prove compe tence) vs. learning goal ( master y-oriented, entity theories (fixed) vs. incre mental t heories (malleable) Alber t ellis: semi-orphaned; analyzed at horney "s institu te; self-help books. Intersubjectivity: understand through subjective points of view experience); clarify how we beco me conscious of related events; transcendental (able to reflexively study their own mind as a process) Illness: diagnosis unnecessar y, client > patient: attitudes: e mpath y, acceptance, genuineness; no control, emotional com m unications. Interpretative: identify the proble m/feeling = if wrong or ill-ti med: evaluative: value judg men t = detracts fro m basic at ti tude of acceptance.

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