PSY270H1- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 40 pages long!)

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PSY270H1 Full Course Notes
PSY270H1 Full Course Notes
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Our perception of the world around us through our senses and how we interpret the sensations brought in by our senses. The attentional processes that allow us to focus on a particular stimulus in our environment. How our memory operates to allow us to remember episodes, information, and intentions when we attempt to retrieve them. Our language processes that help us communicate our thoughts and ideas with others. The processes that contributes to our decision making, both helpful and hindering. The brain activity that controls all of the processes described so far. Introspective methods that involved systematic self-reports of a person"s thoughts. In this way, early psychologists studied sensory experiences. One who adheres to the perspective in psychology that focuses on observable behaviors. Argued introspective methods are biased by the perspective of the subject. B. f. skinner proposed language learning occurs through conditioning processes. Imitation of speakers around a child and the feedback (reinforced or punished) the child"s speech elicited.