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PSY270 Term Test 1
Part 1: Multiple-Choice Questions (15 points)
1) An important contribution to the field of psychology resulting from Wilhelm Wundt
founding his laboratory at the University of Leipzig in 1879 was
a. the rise of behaviourism’s popularity.
b. recognizing 1879 as “the birthday of cognitive science”.
c. producing Ph.D.s who later established psychology departments at many
d. the first demonstration of the forgetting curve.
2) The first experiments in cognitive psychology were based on the idea that mental
responses can be
a. measured directly.
b. inferred from the participant’s behaviour.
c. measured by comparing the presentation of the stimulus and the participant’s
d. measured by comparing responses among different participants.
3) A decrease in the firing of a neuron is most closely associated with
a. activation of end-stopped cells.
b. a dissociation.
c. the subtraction technique.
d. the release of an inhibitory neurotransmitter.
4) When recording from a single neuron, stimulus intensity is represented in a single
neuron by the
a. size of the action potentials.
b. size of the synapse.
c. firing rate of the neurotransmitters.
d. firing rate of the action potentials.
5) The way the firing of a neuron represents a specific stimulus or experience is
known as
a. the action potential.
b. a propagated signal.
c. convergence.
d. the neural code.
6) Which of the following is consistent with the idea of localization of function?
a. Specific areas of the brain serve different functions.
b. Neurons in different areas of the brain respond best to different stimuli.
c. Brain areas are specialized for specific functions.
d. all of the above

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PSY270 Term Test 1
7) When conducting an experiment on how stimuli are represented by the firing of
neurons, you notice that neurons respond differently to different faces. For example,
Arthur's face causes three neurons to fire, with neuron 1 responding the most and neuron
3 responding the least. Roger's face causes the same three neurons to fire, with neuron 1
responding the least and neuron 3 responding the most. Your results support ____ coding.
a. specificity
b. distributed
c. convergence
d. divergence
8) Brain imaging techniques can determine all of the following EXCEPT
a. areas of the brain activated during cognitive tasks.
b. localization of brain activity in response to a specific stimulus.
c. the structure of individual neurons.
d. patterns of blood flow in the brain.
9) The theory of unconscious inference proposes that we perceive an object in a certain
way based on
a. our awareness of the object.
b. our point-of-view.
c. past experiences we’ve had with similar situations.
d. physiological reactions we have to the object.
10) When someone approaches us, we do not experience the person becoming larger as
he or she comes closer, despite the fact that the retinal image is enlarging dramatically.
This phenomenon is called
a. distal stimulus
b. proximal stimulus
c. shape constancy
d. size constancy
11) Maria took a drink from a container marked “milk”. Surprised, she quickly spit out
the liquid because it turned out the container was filled with orange juice instead. Maria
likes orange juice, so why did she have such a negative reaction to it? Her response was
most affected by
a. reception of the stimulus.
b. bottom-up processing.
c. top-down processing.
d. focused attention.
12) Which of the following is not a geon?
a. cylinder
b. pyramid
c. cone
d. circle
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