PSY280H1- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 84 pages long!)

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29 Mar 2018
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PSY280H1 Full Course Notes
PSY280H1 Full Course Notes
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Sensation is the result of the interaction b/w the world and our bodies. Perception is how we process and interpret those sensations. The critical part is the sensory transducers: receptors that convert physical energy from the environment into neural energy. The type of energy we respond to in the physical world depends on how important that energy is for us for survival purposes. This means that we are limited, we don"t sense all the energies that are available. That means our sense of reality (for ex: bees can see ultraviolet light but we cannot. Through perception, we learn something about the world- but what we perceive isn"t always necessarily real. How we attend to the incoming information is important: Sometimes we perceive things that aren"t real (disappearing statue of liberty) Sometimes we fail to perceive things that are real (the colour changing card trick).