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University of Toronto St. George
Gillian Rowe

CHAPTER ONE INTRO TO STATISTICS 1.1 Statistics: set of standardized mathematical procedures used to organize, summarize & interpret info. 1.2 population: set of all individuals of interest in a particular study sample: set of individuals WITHIN a population, usually selected to represent the population in a research study. ** can also refer to scores that correspond to individuals rather than the indiv. themselves** Once a study is done on a sample, the goal is to generalize the results back to the poplulation. variable: characteristic or condition, values for different individuals or over time. Data: measurements or observations datum = 1 data set = collection of Score raw score: common words for datum Parameter : a characteristic that describes the population usually numerical value usually derived from measurements of individuals within population th o ex: avg. reading score for *all 4 -graders in Texas* **= population ~~~~POPULATION PARAMETER~~~~ Statistic: a characteristic that describes a sample usually numerical value usually derived from measurements of individuals within sample ~~~~~SAMPLE STATISTIC~~~~~ DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS: used to summarize, organize&simplify data (raw scores) www.notesolution.com
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