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PSY333 JUNE 4, 2012 PSYCH FACTORS AND PHYSICAL WELL BEINBG THEN STRESS STRESS - Pile of work deadlines - Waiting in lineup like airport - Traffic - Different sits but umbrella of stress Stress - Negative emotional experience - Some positive outcome to stress like getting work done, feeling not positive experience - Accompanied by - Biochemical - Physiological - Cognitive - Behavioral change Sources - Common sources of stress - Money, exams, depletion of resources - Relationships - College student 1 thrid stressful events casused by relationshipps - Married couples up to 80 perent – relationship strain - Most think relationship as social support as positice but also stress - What do couples stress about - How to spend money - Work family time balance - Fair distribbuton of childcare/household tasks - Illness/divorce Work pressure is 2 - Long hourse, constant deadlines, respinisbilty – final exam - My life is in your habnds jobs – high stress like doctor firefighter air trafdfice control - Cowrker/bosses, lack of resources, physical environment - pollutants - Longer commutes = higher stress – people longer commutes longer stress subjective and cortisoll levels – one study train commuter not drivers who had to compete – new jersey to manhatan – educated – 80 percent college degree 90000 dollars – personal stress and cotisol from baseline and cognitive test – vigilance – ability to pay attention – commute time from 1 hr to 2 hrs and cortisal levels – subtracted at manhattan and time on weekend - Length and cortisoll relation – longer more stress hormone - Into the city – and rate level of stress – found realtion between length and perceived stress matchning cortisol finding cortisol and percueved – and ability to perform vigilance – proofread essay catch errors – errors dropped with length of commute - Chapters 4/5, lab and study 1 to 4, submit tonight - Environemtal pressures 3 - Noise crowding natural disasters - Poverty Interball conflict 4 - Turb between goals (trave/work) , eat/lose weight Lack control 5 - Wait in line at post office, traffic jam - Illness diagnosis Stress defined - Has 2 componeends - Physical – involves direct material or bodily challenge - Psychiological – involves how we perceive circumstances in our lives – ability to deal with life events Examing stress 1. Stress as stimulkus - Focus on environment - Physical/psychological challenged = stressors 2. Stress as a response - Focus on peoples reactions - Physical heart pounds mouth dry and psychological thought/emotion patterns reactions – sympatheti
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