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Protestant Reformation, Christian Denominations Part 2

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Andre Maintenay

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Protestant Reformation, Christian Denominations Reading: Ch. 3 The Christian Tradition, pp. 175-197 November 3 , 2010. Protestant Reformation Tremendous criticism of the church, e.g. practice of selling and buying of clerical orifices Increasingly sense that people should have access to scripture Association of church with various kinds of corruptionnumerous shenanigans of Popes and political struggle bw one Pope and another. Particularly during renaissance Popes threw themselves into culture of humanism which is an appreciation of various types of culture and accumulated much wealth in order to refurbish basilicas and commission various works of art such as the sixteen chapel. Many Popes known to have mistresses and laws passed to limit number of mistresses and privileges of the Popes children Witch hunt - Identify characters in community out of mainstream in one way and to interrogate whether theyre agents of the devil, instruments of evil Great amount of people were victimized, majorit
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