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University of Toronto St. George
Walid Saleh

RLG100 WORLD RELIGIONSTHIS IS NOT IN THE TESTScripture of Christianity o Old Testament Hebrew Bible o Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible o New Testament o Written in Greek o Newly formed scripture of Christianity o Made up of 27 books4 GospelsLetters of Paul earliest Christian document o Theological letters thick arguments new faith most important revolutionary documents in the history of the Christian Church o Fundamental will always affect Christian faith o Written 20 years after the death of Jesus o Paul was a Jewish personHe thought the new Jews who believed in Jesus were ruining the unity of JudaismHe was AntiChristianHe wrote 13 letters but modern scholars believe only 7 of them can be attributed to himPaul was never in Roman Palestine he never met Jesus he was from Antioch aka SyriaTurkeyThe Risen Jesus appeared to Paul on the road toMascus1 Cor 15 39Paul persecuted JewsThis affirmed the Christian faith is true and that Jesus is the Messiah and that he Paul was commissioned to convert the gentiles the non Jews of the worldBelieved that Gods plan for the Jewish people was for everyone on this earthRadical If you believe in Jesus you become a new order of human being 2 Cor 1517The Risen Jesus is the centre of salvation and creationDied in 62
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