RLG100Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Loka

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Jainism and buddhism: sramana movement/ critiques of vedic religion. Identification: movement of dissatisfaction in the vedic religion. The rituals were too complex and could be considered superficial. Normal people could not tell if they were performing it right. 2) normal people felt alienated in this religion. The brahmins were the priestly caste who conducted the rituals, normal people did not have access to the scared. 3) animal cruelty, the idea that religion should not cause harm to anything was becoming increasingly important. Idea that true religion should be the opposite from harm. People wandering into the forest, looking for answers to life"s questions, live a monastic life. Significance: resulted in the formation of three religious traditions (hinduism, jainism and buddhism). Example, hinduism will still eat meat, jainism and buddhism don"t because don"t believe in harming animals. Made religion more personable for normal people, they were now able to practice on their own without fear of practicing incorrectly.