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Simon Coleman
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Lecture 1
Polynesian Voyages
-Wealthiest country
-Growth in commercial economy
-They had strong rulers
-Their trade roots helped -> military, expansion of trade
-Held back threats from invasion on the north
Zheng He
-Admiral of the empire fleet
-7 voyages
-btw indian ocean an africa
-Motive - exploration and trade roots
-Had boats designed to show wealth
-Over 30 yrs. then stopped because shift in influences (needed to forces
on western defense & politics bcd ppl didn't like he was a tunic)
-violent ppl
-Started to explained bcd could now live in places they couldn't b4 bcd of
climate i.e. Iceland
-Then left because it got to cold
-Doesn't happen immediately
-1492 on - there is a new global connection
Iberian Kingdoms & Early Atlantic Exploration
Kingdoms of Ib. Peninsula -> Spain and Portugal
Technology Ship building
The caravel
-Was small
-Easier to use in shallow waters
-Sailed up river allowed for american exploration
-major innovation in canon, gun powder (china invented)
- euro adopted this tech = euro had more acces to more
Iberian position in the end
and information networks Lizbim
- key, Mediterranean and Atlantic network

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Historical conquest The Reconquista
-islamic invaded Atlantic peninsula
-Took back the peninsula
-Important for Atlantic voyages bcd it was a military
conquest and spiritual endeavors
Early Atlantic Voyages
Canary Island A port prince voyages to the canary islands
Henry the Navigator -captured Ceuta, Morocco
-Political motives
-Wanted to win their worth by a battle and it was done by
capturing the city
-The ports have a hold in north africa
-As expanded, gained knowledge of:
-1. Maritime routes & better maps
-2. Route connecting interior of africa and N african coast
(when found this, wanted portion of trade
-Discovery of atlantic trade patterns
Voyages Along the Coast of
West Africa
-Desire for small trading post to help maintain elites
-Ports est new colonies = more resources, sugar, slave
-Discover important - gold coast & Benin
The Aztec Empire
Historical Context -Newer rise to power
-They were the mexican
-Tenochtitlan became a largest city in the world
-They were at the height of power but still ruled in fear
-1519 clash of cultures - like nothing b4 - spans vs.
-Aztec empire is a history of city states separated
politically but no economically
-local gov’t ruled city states (conquered land) & had to
pay taxes to triple alliances, most to Teno
-These govt helped ruling because they kept ppl happy &
stability in city states

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

The Aztec Empire
Aztec expansion TRIPLE ALLIANCE
-formed in 1430
-Important bcd power expands, conquer more
Tenochtitlan & Tlacopan & Texcoco
-strongest city state was Teno
-These are the major powers
-Tlatcani - the leader of the city
-when they conquered, pay tax, but were left freedom to
continue with certain amounts of their religion as long as
it didnt conflict with govt.
-They conquered lands by force of tax tribute
Economic organization -ppl served to the elite -> labour used to maintain
-Arrogation -> ppl did what they were good at bcd the
owed work to the city states
Social structure -mass vs. Hereditary elite ruling
-There was diversity of empire, language culture etc.
-Pop owed tribute to A empire
-Ppl in 2 social class 1. Pilli (nobility) 2. Macehualli
common people
-Unit of the A govt was called Calpulli - which is a name
for groups of families who owned land - there was a
leader in each to make sure taxes were collected
Columbus in the Caribbean *
key transition
-1st voyage to find trade routes in africa
-2nd voyage to settle in Arawakk,
-Columbus was granted lands that he would discover in
the west indies by the queen Isabella of the spans
-When he returned and told the queen she wanted to
colonize the islands
-Columbus spend the rest of his life from euro back and
forth to the new world and its colonies
-They both died in 1500, but the expansion continued
-The A had vision of something bad happening but were
interpreting it very wrong - when spanish arrived they
thought it was a prince arrival who had been gone for
some time and brought them gifts.
-When they knew it wasn't the prince, the emperor, ran
from the throne and surrender his ppl to the Spaniards
-(broken spears)
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