RSM220H1 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Macrs, Asset Turnover, Accelerated Depreciation

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30 May 2014

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Ifrs questions are available at the end of this chapter. Answer d b c b a a d d d a a d d c c. Description: nature of depreciation, nature of depreciation, depreciation, depletion, and amortization, definition of depreciation base. 5: definition of inadequacy, objection to straight-line method, units-of-production approach. 9: declining-balance method, group or composite approach, use of the composite approach. First step in determining an impairment: reporting impaired assets held for disposal, method used to compute depletion, costs included in depletion base, computing asset turnover ratio. 21: conceptual rationale for depreciation accounting, depreciation and retaining funds. 30: units-of-production method of depreciation, units-of-production method of depreciation. Knowledge of double-declining balance method: components of sum-of-the-years"-digits method, graphic depiction of straight-line and sum-of-the-years"-digits methods. Test bank for intermediate accounting, thirteenth edition b: disadvantage of using straight-line method. Definition of book value: disclosure of depreciation policy.

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