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Reasons why women leave the philippines to work abroad, implications of their migration for the families they leave behind. Which results in; domestic violence, labour market segmentation, unequal division of labour within the family. Gender distinguishes structural cases of independent immigration for men and women. Reproductive labour- labour needed to sustain the productive labour force (ex. Highest: class privileged women in 1st world countries. Middle: filipina domestic workers in 1st world countries. Can t escape gender hierarchies in both countries because the women are responsible for. Low: filipina domestic workers who are working in the filipeans. Transnational families- when the women leaves to go work in a 1st world country. Example: working in 1st world country, make 1000 a month, work in the philippians make 40 a month. Implications of the women leaving for the family left behind. Emotional ramifications: helplessness, regret, guilt for the mothers, loneliness, vunerability and insecurity for the children.

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